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Why Making My Bed Every Morning Is Non-Negotiable


bedroom scene unmade bed with white and orange pillows bedside table with books and coffee cup

Okay, let me admit at the get-go making my bed every morning has never been a habit of mine.

Listen To AudioEven in my ‘mature years’, as I headed into the kitchen to kick start my day, I’d glance back at tangled sheets, doona draping onto the floor and was happy to let a closed bedroom door hide my laziness.

For me, making the bed just wasn’t a high priority.

During the years I was married, I’d find reasons to avoid it. My mental loop went something like, “You don’t have time; come back and do it later”. And, of course, I rarely did.

My husband’s military training guaranteed he’d do it for me on just about every occasion.

Then, out of the blue, my marriage was over. I was 60 years old.

After a challenging divorce that left my confidence shot, I gave up trying to fake how broken I was. My bed didn’t need making because I rarely got out of it! It became a symbol of all the good stuff in my life that once was and is no more.

Honestly, my slackness around bed-making had little to do with why my husband chose another woman. But perhaps it was a clue to unexpressed sadness in my marriage. Looking back, I know so.

For months after our separation, a messy unmade bed was a comfort, if not analogous to my life. I fell into a hole, and I did not know how to pull myself out.

While not a religious person, I do feel connected to Spirit. I did see the gift in synchronicity when I happened upon a YouTube speech delivered by Navy Seal Admiral McRaven.

Admiral McRaven shared why, in the military, the simple task of making your bed to perfection is a requirement. “By making your bed every morning, you will have accomplished your first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride. And will encourage you to do another task and another. Making your bed will reinforce that the little things in life matter.”

My heart resonated with the wisdom held in those words. So, I committed to making my bed every morning with no excuses.

It became a morning practice of gratitude that I had a warm, cosy bed to make.

I would not leave my room before making the bed and delight in how it made me feel afterwards. I gave thanks for the strength TO get out of bed and commence my day.

In a state of mindfulness, daily chores didn’t feel like chores anymore. They were moments of celebration of being alive and engaged in life again.

The little things became the exquisite moments that opened my heart to the magic of love and new beginnings.

Making my bed has become a pleasurable experience. And it reinforces the self-talk in my head that I am in control of my life.

In every aspect of making my bed be it tucking in sheets, puffing up pillows just right, or changing doona covers, I acknowledge the blessings and abundance in my circumstances, and I give thanks.

A humble step on my road to self-mastery … and a new life!

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Love, light & laughter

Catherine (Cat) Farrar




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