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This Chapter Of My Life Living Out Here On The Road Has Changed Me.

I am not your typical 64-year-old mother-come-nanny.

You won’t find me sitting in my recliner in the lounge room surrounded by family memorabilia — you know, all the comfy stuff — busy cooking or knitting for grandchildren.

That’s because I’m a few thousand kilometres away from what I once called home, far from my children, grandkids and friends.

Every few weeks or months, I move interstate to a new town, surrounded by strangers, to caretake homes and pets owned by people I’ve barely met.

Cat Farrar

Stuck In Life’s Drama

In my marriage, my life was one hysterical drama after another. I measured my self-worth by how my husband and children regarded me. That led to my descent to the bottom rung of the pecking order of my family. I was devalued and mostly invisible. Easy to throw away.

But rather than be crushed by all of it — the abuse, betrayal, loss — I set out on a quest to liberate, heal and transform myself.

And, after three years on that path, I’ve emerged as a changed woman. I have reconciled with myself. I accept myself. And I’m more aware of the world and my place in it

Change Your Story – Change Your Life!

I Don’t Know About You, But It’s Taken Me A Considerable Chunk Of My Six Decades On This Planet To Finally Get That The World Around Me Is Vibrational.

The Universe responds to my thoughts and to my emotions. What I broadcast (via my ‘frequency’) comes back to me, without exception.

If I live each day in a state of joy, appreciation, love, giving and forgiving, and being kind to others, I tune into that higher, soulful version of me. And from that state, the Universe matches my vibration and blesses me in kind.

Why Do We Throw Away The Best Years Of Our Life On Men Who Dishonour Us, Cheapen Us, And Are Unworthy?

Staying, For Some Women, Is Easier – And Safer – Than Leaving.

But What If We Don’t Even Know We Are In An Abusive Relationship?

Is such a situation possible?

In my case, absolutely!

Leaving my marriage, one I believed held genuine love and security into old age and had lasted 37 years, was one of the most heartbreaking decisions I’ve ever forced myself to make. Made especially challenging as I was 60 years old when I finally found the courage and willpower to leave.

Progesterone Is Called The “Mother Of ALL Hormones” For A Good Reason.

Progesterone is the hormone from which every other hormone in our body is made, including estrogen.

Progesterone is both a male and female hormone, and today, progesterone cream is used in hormone therapy treatments for men, women, and children.

Once a woman whose body is crying out for progesterone introduces the hormone back into her body using a premium bioidentical cream, there’s this incredible physiological reaction. It’s as if she is coming home to herself.

Women like me who’ve used progesterone over decades know this ‘super’ hormone is central to our renewed health.

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