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Progesterone & Migraine Headaches


A 60 Day Guide to Using Natural Progesterone

image of book title - progesterone and migrainesOver half of women with migraine report having them right before, during, or after their period. Others get them for the first time when taking birth control pills. And some women start getting them when they enter menopause.

This self-help user guide explains what causes migraine headaches, how to use progesterone to find long term relief, and then steps you through cream dosage & usage techniques.

Reclaim Your Health!

If you feel confused about how natural (bioidentical) progesterone can help stop your pain, end your frustrating symptoms, and help you rediscover what it means to relate well, think well and feel well in your own skin, this eGuide is for YOU!

This is an electronic item to be downloaded, not an actual physical product. 

Praise From The Medical Community:

Catherine, you may be one of the Mother Theresa’s for women’s health.  I can feel your passion.  I admire your courage and respect you as a colleague as you are doing great work.  ~ Dr George Yu, M.D., Clinical Professor of Urology, George Washington University Medical Center

Catherine Rollins has made educating women (and men) on the safe and effective use of natural progesterone her passionate cause.  She shares her knowledge in a delightful, down-to-earth manner.  Bookmark this website.  You will refer to this information over and over for guidance and support.  ~ Dr David Zava, Ph.D., Hormone Expert and Co-Author, ‘What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer’

Catherine Rollins is a leader and pioneer on the forefront of educating women about the immense benefits of natural progesterone and its safe use.  Through her website and eBooks, she has created an open door for patients and practitioners alike to gain easy access to accurate and reliable information.  Her warmth, enthusiasm and integrity are a gift to us all!  ~Dr Jay H. Mead, President & Chief Medical Director of Labrix Clinical Services, Inc., BHRT Expert and Co-Author of ‘Slim, Sane and Sexy’

As I have said time and time again … GREAT eBooks and website.  Quite informative.  I give all my patients who desire to know more about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Dr Lee’s tapes, Dr Zava’s site info and your web address.  This provides an unbelievable combination and foundational materials on which we can later build.  ~Dr Robert W Patterson, MD, Sanford, NC, USA.

Praise From Clients

I just wanted to let you know that I had my baby girl!  The progesterone cream helped me to have a healthy baby all the way through.  I had a super easy birth as well – only 1 hour of active labour.  Thank you for all the advice you gave on progesterone cream. ~ Kimberley, USA

Dear Catherine, I’m a couple of months on now from my last email.  I have since found some great help and have been using progesterone cream as well as other supplements.  I feel like a new person and my health is slowly balancing out again.  I just wanted to send you a quick thank you – your words really encouraged me to find help when I felt so despondent.  Thank you for taking the time to advise me.  ~ Ingrid, United Kingdom

You cannot imagine how much your insight and concern means to me.  I cannot bear to deal with another doctor or gynie telling me I am imagining these symptoms.  Thank you so much for youro advice and assistance.  I have no doubt that I want to go the natural route.  This information is a gift to me as I have searched high and low for the information which I have so readily found in your self-help ebook.  Catherine, keep up your wonderful work.  This is making such a remarkable impact on the lives of so many women.  Kindest regards and warm wishes.  ~ Cathy, Australia

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