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Design Your Powerful Life Script


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Change Your Story – Change Your Life!

I don’t know about you, but it’s taken me a considerable chunk of my six decades on this planet to finally get that the world around me is vibrational.

The Universe responds to my thoughts and to my emotions. What I broadcast (via my ‘frequency’) comes back to me, without exception.

If I live each day in a state of joy, appreciation, love, giving and forgiving, and being kind to others, I tune into that higher, soulful version of me. And from that state, the Universe matches my vibration and blesses me in kind.

The flip side is equally valid. If I dwell in a mental state that is depressive, destructive, and abusive to myself, then the Universe serves up more of that. Instead of spiralling upward to better feeling thoughts and uplifting outcomes, I plummet into a pre-ordered reality that I both despise and refuse to own.

Wouldn’t you agree then that we claim the credit when the good stuff happens to us? We had it coming! And yet, when the not-so-good turns up in our lives, we imagine ourselves the victim of circumstance, that none of it was our doing. But it was — and it is!

I found it so confronting to fess up to the fact that I was not a victim. I had choices along the way in my marriage. I accepted things that I certainly wouldn’t if I could do again. But isn’t that our life’s journey. To know and be true to ourselves? To get it wrong if only to get it right next time?

While my husband was being unfaithful to me, I, too, was being unfaithful — to ME. Once I understood this, my life transformed.

If I wanted my life to be better, I needed to trust my intuition and ability to create what came next. And it didn’t take long to gain forward momentum with daily uplifting self-talk and affirming programming.

I credit much of my progressive transformation to the powerful dream life I scripted (typically in a flood of tears!).

I imagined I was writing a script for an actress as if the scenes might be played out by a future version of me not yet realised.

Then I asked myself the big, looming questions about who I am, where I found myself, how I got there, and where I want to be. What will I regret if I do nothing? What sort of limiting beliefs and emotions keep me stuck? What unconscious part of me was holding just out of reach a better life?

I started with a simple statement — an affirmation of sorts — that created movement in a more positive direction . After multiple drafts, I’d created my dream life script as I imagined my life playing out in a future frame.

Since I prefer to listen to audio on my phone, I recorded a narration of the inspirational story of my new dream life — in my own voice.

But I didn’t stop there. I added background music to create a recording I’d enjoy listening to, over and over, several times a day. And because I wanted to hack my subconscious, I would let my recordings loop in my ear as I drifted off to sleep, when driving in my car, or taking a walk.

I made multiple .wav files of other areas of my life I dared to dream — and re-script.

Once you get fully into this process and allow yourself to dream big, your life script might spill over several pages.

In creating and powering up your life script, you are building results by exact design in your personal life, business or any area you wish.

Don’t you love it? YOU get to be the Leading Lady in your new life script!

All scripts you write are to be in the PRESENT tense — as if you already live in this new life you’re creating for yourself. You have to not just see but feel yourself already living in that version of your dream reality.

Remember, your imagination is your magic wand.

Below is a sample of a powerful life script. You can see how easy it is to personalise and power-drive your statements with the intent, feeling, and purpose of what your dream life might include.

And, of course, a statement of gratitude always closes out your script.

I am open to receiving all that is good in this world
I am open to meeting new people
I am open to new experiences
I willingly accept gifts
I am open to receiving love
I am open to receiving compliments
I am open to receiving abundance
I am open to receiving other people’s help
I am open to new relationships
I am open to positive change
I am open to new life experiences
I am open to whatever changes may come, and I find the positive in everything
For this and more, I am grateful–thank you.

At all times (even right now), our belief paradigms determine what we think about, say, feel and do, all of which create or recreate the same outcomes.

When you script a new empowering version of your life, you’ll rebuild your belief paradigms to help you create new outcomes — the outcomes you desire.

Once again: change your story, change your life.

Here is a sample list of areas you might wish to create your life script:

  • buy or build your dream home
  • manifest financial wealth
  • build a super successful business
  • build your confidence/self-esteem
  • perfect health
  • getting unstuck
  • attract your soulmate
  • feeling worthy and deserving
  • attract abundance
  • creating positive habits
  • manage money effectively
  • sell your home
  • outstanding public speaker
  • soulmate / perfect relationships
  • great relationships with children
  • money and time freedom
  • ideal weight
  • invoke creativity

I took, for example, a statement about finding a new love relationship and filled three handwritten pages with what I’d like to discover in my new man, how life might look with a new soulmate in my life, and so on. Then I recorded it, and it was added to my daily Play List.

Write the most compelling, moving, inspiring story you are capable of imagining in which YOU are the STAR character!

Next, take action.

Set a goal, one you feel capable of reaching and step bravely in that direction.

Then watch your world bend to meet you halfway.

If this information was helpful to you, perhaps you’d consider buying me a cup of coffee.

Love, light & laughter

Catherine (Cat) Farrar




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