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COVID Kids — Our Super Heroes


young child sitting in front of computer home schooling during COVID-19

This young generation of resilient kids is showing us how to live with COVID.

As I write this, two of my grandkids are home in iso with a second bout of COVID!

This past year, every one of my nine grandchildren has caught COVID — babies under one year up to teenagers. Their parents too!

Getting vaccinated might have helped ease their symptoms. But it didn’t prevent infection.

I mention this only to make the point — there’s no hiding from COVID. Not anymore!

Kids aren’t letting COVID kill their dream!

Despite being breathless with COVID all week recovering at home, my 12-year-old grandson, Hendrix, rocked up to try out for the Australian School Sports Under 12 Victorian Football Team selection. Over 700+ boys tried out. And he smashed it! He landed himself in the top 40.

This weekend he’ll find out if he’s in the final 20 as Victoria’s best young up-and-coming Aussie Rules footballers.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has managed to upend our world as we knew it.

Life cannot go back to what it was.

Our superpower, as human beings, is that we are incredibly adaptable to changes in our environment.

We adapt based on how bad things get and how long the stressors impact us.

I’ve watched loved ones suffer from severe mental health issues during months of protracted COVID lockdowns. Even after restrictions were lifted, they remained locked up in their heads! The trauma will not leave them.

Look for the advantage hidden in these traumatic times.

My eldest grandchild, Marli, now 14, discovered during COVID that homeschooling worked for her. She stepped up and took on a leadership role, making videos to support younger children in her school. She jumped ahead to join the advanced maths class.

Marli transitioned into high school, spending her first year back and forth from class after lengthy lockdowns. New friendships with classmates were just out of reach in her ever-changing environment while dealing with a diagnosis of acute Crohn’s Disease.

Like her brother, Marli is out playing Aussie rules football in both Under 15 and Under 18 local girls teams. And she dreams of one day going into medicine.

I applaud their parents. They would be intensely fearful for their kids’ futures. And I’d expect up to their eyeballs trying to cope with a homelife stressed to its absolute limits.

These kids are showing us grownups how to take back our lives (and our dreams) to the degree that it is safe and does not jeopardise others.

Like my grandies, I refuse to ‘adapt’ to a life lived out in my lounge room, watching TV and hiding from a ubiquitous disease that isn’t going away.

This young generation is, in my eyes, a shiny example of what it looks like to be brave and bold in the face of COVID.

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Love, light & laughter

Catherine (Cat) Farrar




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